Scientists believe that respect for elders entails all the good and kind deeds. In that case, if the child has no respect for parents and elders in General, he is prone to committing bad acts.

More and more children no longer respect adults, particularly their parents. Parents from an early age life to tell the child about the culture of communication with adults. While parents do not show that they can be punished, no phrase, for example: "so parents do not speak", will not help. And after you show "who's boss", from rudeness will not remain a trace, and due punishment will be enough of a limitation in the computer or the TV, or in any influential limitations.

First, you need to pay attention to their behavior and actions. You need to reconsider your views, to pay attention to his speech, to remove from his speech nasty and rude words, remembering that children like adults, but if you can not completely get rid of such a vocabulary, then get rid of that little speech at least in child. Instead, start to tell your kids about what you need to give place to elder people in the bus, to address on "You" and not to interrupt during a conversation. This is the basic rules, which prevent not neglect their parents.

An important role in the upbringing of the child, is family relationships. Mother and father should be respectful to each other, to show the parental authority of their children. When a child is rude to one parent, the other must not treat this neutrally. First of all, start to teach their children to show gratitude, without which respect is not achieved. A grateful person appreciates other people, including their parents.

From a very early age boys should be taught to skip ahead girls, women, grandmothers, in the right situation to open the door, and somewhere a hand, to help carry the bags, to give place, in General, to be a man. The best he can when he will take a cue from his father or grandfather. Because children always look first at their parents and then do as they wish. Dad often need to show their respect to the mother, give some gifts, to show respect and love. Girl's mom should become a true friend who will always support and understand. Mother consults with her daughter so that she trusted her. Spend a family night once a week, they strengthen the relationship and trust.

The main thing is to begin to educate a child from the earliest years, and then the family will be in order. Ismenias themselves and change their children