Unplanned pregnancy

According to British scientists, this alarm takes the first place among women's fears. Although it seems paradoxical, because today there are so many ways of protection. It is important to discuss the problem and fear a man to feel that the responsibility lies not just with you.

The pursuit of weight loss

Fear of recruitment of extra pounds – is a phobia of women of today. And as silly as it may seem, this problem is often concerned with those girls who do not suffer from obesity.

Certainly to treat this question with contempt and not worth it. However, if you feel comfortable with the forms that you have, you do not need to complex, but rather to love your body, try to stick to a healthy lifestyle and have a sense of self-confidence.

Phobia of old age

Alas, but eternal youth is a myth, however, this does not mean that throughout his youth it is necessary to think only about what you will be after a few decades. A to combat this fear resort to plastic surgery and use of anti-aging cosmetics. However, it would be correct to take everything just for granted. No need to get hung up on numbers!

The fear of being alone

It is this fear that drives women to commit the follies that lead to frustration and negative attitude to the male sex.

No need to force yourself. If you feel comfortable in the status of the bachelorette, should not be guided by public opinion. Most importantly, to respect themselves, know their worth and realize their uniqueness.

The fear of being abandoned

The fair sex, this phobia of vaccinated past times. Already so much time passed and women are still afraid of it. It should be remembered that any thought is material. And often that is constantly in your thoughts, happens in reality. Remember that a woman will be happy only when she will show sincere love to life, people around me and myself.