Until the daughter grew, the leader in this relationship is the mother. Responsibility for relationships rests squarely on her shoulders. The mother must accept the daughter as property. Even at a very young age a child needs to be able to be themselves, to have their own opinion and the ability to make decisions.

Daughter growing up, and responsibility for relationships rests on the shoulders of both women. On the one hand, the daughter yearns for freedom, and the other is looking for parent support. In the event of a conflict, the first step is to meet again to make a mother. It should convince your child that they are not competing and whatever happens, under no circumstances the mother will not be her enemy.

In a family where the mother entirely devoted himself to his daughter, usually a person grows up, confident that all the attention mother always belongs only to her. And any attempt "to send her daughter to sail, the mother received a rebuff. The daughter believes that the mother must still continue to meet her needs, but not to encroach on its freedom. Here the mother needs to overcome itself. Adult daughter needs to independently solve its problems and find a way out of this situation.

If you wish to restore relations with both sides at any age cure may be just a Frank conversation.