Respect your parents. Respect is the most important thing in any relationship. In addition, appreciate them. After all, it's the people closest in the world. And the worst thing is for people to raise their children, to see the disregard and disrespect for them.
Never argue with parents. They want only the best for you. Sometimes the opinion of the children does not coincide with the views of parents in this regard there is misunderstanding, resentment and accusations. In these cases, think of how you would have done in their place. It is possible that you said selfishness. Listen to their opinion, try to understand and share their point of view.
Do not upset your father and mother. Quite often my daughter hurt parents thoughtlessly and involuntarily. Came home late and did not warn about what will be delayed? Pretty standard situation that occurs very often. The parents were worried and waited for the call. Good daughter always warned and put on notice where they are. Moreover, if the daughter lives with the parents.
Raduyte them, do pleasant surprises. Parents wedding anniversary? So why not give them a holiday? They will be in seventh heaven, thinking about what they have a good daughter.
Be thankful. Parents are the people who gave life. It is wonderful when a daughter thank your closest people for it. Help always and everywhere. A good daughter needs to be my mother and father.
Counsel with parents. When they see and realize that their opinion is important to you, they understand that you correctly raised. Don't blame them for anything. Don't put the blame for the mistakes made in youth or in adulthood. Try to understand and feel why they did so. To condemn is easy, to understand is much harder.
To be a good daughter quite simple, following the basic unwritten laws that we invented, but which help to build genuine, warm and friendly.