You will need
  • White enamel;
  • Hardener;
  • Measuring Cup;
  • Oxalic acid 100 g;
  • Acetone 0.5 l;
  • 2 glass jars of 0.5 l;
  • Brush;
  • Narrow spatula;
  • Waterproof abrasive paper;
  • Rubber gloves.
Prepare the enamel for the job. To do this, remove the lid and place jar in hot water for 30 minutes. Mix well and leave it to cool to room temperature. Enamel finish.
Wear rubber gloves and wash tub. Vysypite oxalic acid on the bottom of the tub, moisten it with water so that it became a slurry, and spread evenly across the surface.
Take a piece of sandpaper and start to process the whole area of bath, with soaking for not a lot acid. Remove all not of flatness, rust, old paint.
Rinse all of the acid with warm water and wash the tub again any detergent.
Pour into a tub of hot water and leave for 10 minutes. Drain the water and dry the tub with a clean cloth. Wipe all around the tub.
Apply acetone to a rag and degrease the surface of the bath.
First the Bank prepare for painting. Pour 200 ml of enamel in a measuring Cup. Pour this amount into a glass jar add 10 ml of acetone, mix everything well. Add 20 ml of hardener and mix for 10 minutes.
Apply the first coat with a brush starting from the edge of the bathtub. Apply several vertical stripes in a small area. Then a horizontal rubbing motion spread the enamel. Thus pokrast the entire tub.
After 15 minutes, paint a second layer.

Prepare as the first, the second can to paint the second layer.

Paint the tub the same way as the first layer.

Bath ready to drink in 7 days.