Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Stretch ceiling - one of the best solutions for the bathroom. First, it is smooth and even, has a noble appearance. Second, the ceiling can be reflective, glossy, which makes the room lighter and visually more spacious. Thirdly, as it is made of water resistant material, flooding from above, he is not afraid.

The suspended ceiling can be of any color, rich bright or colorful. The color of the canvas for a long time does not fade. To wash a ceiling rather easily. He is a long time. However, the suspended ceiling has a drawback - it may tear. In this case, without the help of professionals you can not do.

In addition, light suspended ceiling may eventually turn yellow, especially near the lights. To wash it will be difficult, as paint will not work, so you'll have to change it. The suspended ceiling has a fairly high cost. But given its benefits, such costs will be justified.

Painting the base of the ceiling

Painting paint or whitewash allow you to bring the bathroom in a neat appearance with minimal cost. Cost painted ceiling will be cheaper than other solutions. This is the best option, if the repairs in the bathroom you have allocated a very modest budget.

However, this option has some drawbacks. If the base ceiling is not very good, you have to prepare it for painting, and it is connected with additional costs. Conditional disadvantage of this option will not work to hide communication, if they pass under the ceiling. Latex paint is able to absorb dirt, and the ceiling may eventually darken.
If you prefer creative solutions, you can use the paint 2 or 3 colors, combining them in the peas, the stripes and abstract shapes. Then the ceiling in the bathroom will turn out cheerful and fun.

In the bathroom due to its high humidity service life of the painted ceiling is significantly reduced. If your neighbors suddenly happen to leak water, this ceiling not be able to recover. His replacement will require the investment of additional cash and will take some time. However, to update a ceiling by means of fresh paint is not very difficult.

All materials when creating a painted ceiling must be moisture-proof, waterproofing including the primer, putty and paint. For the ceiling in the bathroom it is recommended to use acrylic paint water based. The paint can be tinted and the result is smooth, even and beautiful ceiling of the desired color.

Rack ceiling

Suspended ceilings - is one of the types of suspension designs. As a facing for the frame we use long strips (panels, slats). Most of these ceilings are made of plastic, steel and aluminum.

Suspended ceilings are also made of moisture-resistant material. It has a reflective surface, but because they can look like a mirror. They use very convenient, if necessary, they can be easily replaced. This ceiling has a very light weight and it is simple to install. Another obvious advantage of suspended ceiling is a reasonable price.

This kind of ceiling was in fashion a few years ago, but today its popularity has declined. Reason — not quite home and not very comfortable. For some styles of interior, this decision is appropriate, however, not in every bathroom such a ceiling will look harmonious.

Mirrored ceiling

A mirrored ceiling will also be a great option for the bathroom. It has many advantages: ease of installation, moisture resistance, aesthetics and beautiful appearance, functionality, variety of styles. It can be installed in the presence of grooves and irregularities on the surface of the base ceiling.
Mirrored ceilings are a variety of palette of colors: turquoise, pink, steel, malachite, bronze, etc.

In addition, it long retains its original appearance. Modern mirror tolerate close contact with moisture.

Visual expansion of space of a small bathroom is an important feature of a mirrored ceiling in the interior. Instead of these mirror paintings you can apply PVC or metal plate with a reflective effect, though their appearance is not as spectacular.

Mirrored ceiling — the solution is also not cheap. And to keep it perfectly clean is not easy. After all, the mirror should not just wash, cleaning of grease and dust, but also to RUB it to a Shine. If the ceiling is high enough, care about his impeccable appearance may be accompanied by some difficulties.

Choosing one of the options, it is necessary to consider as the base of the ceiling, characteristics of the premises, the desired design of the bathroom and their financial capabilities.