1. Jeans are always in fashion. Keep this in mind and make sure that in your closet there were at least two pairs of jeans that you can combine with blouses, t-shirts, shirts and jackets. The main thing that all jeans in your wardrobe are different colors, and definitely was attached with slings or chain. Do not skimp on this important element of the wardrobe of a modern girl, and try to buy jeans that are made from natural and not synthetic materials.

2. Mikey-alcoholic white and black color. Despite its rather odd name, those shirts look very nice. On sale they are always both in branded collections of famous fashion designers, and available for sale in the boutiques or clothing stores. Try to only buy shirts made of elastic materials. Thus, you will ensure an elegant look, and these shirts are worn much longer than the inelastic.

3. Pumps in black and beige colors. The heel should not be too high or too low, and most importantly, it needs to be sustained to walk. These shoes should definitely be in your closet and you don't need to save money, even if you already have a few pairs of shoes, bought on sale at a low price.

4. Pencil skirt that is suitable for everybody, despite the stature and weight category. It falls perfectly on the figure, is slimming and makes legs and waist is just gorgeous! Don't forget that now the fashion skirt with high waist, so that important things to save are not worth it.

5. Strict business suit, bright colors. Of course, it may look too formal, but who said that its components cannot be combined with other things? For example, the jacket will look great with jeans or short shorts, pants or skirt will be a chic addition to shirts and light jackets in the style of "sailor".

6. And, of course, handbag, black in color, which should be enough space for everything you used to always take with you before you leave the house.

Of course, the bags may be several, but one needs to be "festive attire", that is, expensive and desirable designer.