Preparing for the new season, follow the latest fashion trends. In glossy magazines are usually printed images that are relevant in the current season. But you can prepare for the change of wardrobe in advance, after studying the photos from the fashion shows. They are held for six months before things hit the market. That is the fall, you can find out what things you will need to purchase the future spring.
Things from the new collections appear in retail sales two months prior to the start of the season. Walk around the shops, view the new collection. Do not limit yourself to only those departments where you normally make purchases. Look at expensive boutiques, carefully consider the range, try any thing. Later you will be able to find similar ones in more accessible locations.
Mark the major fashion trends of the season – length silhouette, popular colors, interesting details. To create a fashionable image you do not need to change the wardrobe completely. Purchase three or four the trend of things. Select models that can be combined with each other and with things that you already have in your wardrobe. For example, trendy cardigan perfectly complement the classic blue jeans and a simple top.
Buy enough big things. A couple of blouses or shirts will make your look fashionable. But a new coat, dress, jacket, pants or skirt unusual style completely reduce this task.
Don't forget about accessories: the new bag, bright belt or tippet actual colors. That color accents can emphasize your awareness of fashion trends. If in Vogue colors that you normally don't wear bright orange, pink or khaki – don't buy the corresponding shade. Most likely, you simply won't wear it. But the necklace, scarf or a big artificial flower that you can pin to clothes or hair will demonstrate that you are fully aware of fashion trends.
Revise their own stockpiles of clothing and accessories. Than fashionable things, the faster they lose their relevance. From past collections to keep only absolutely neutral to the basic model. Everything that was considered a "highlight" of last season, be ruthless eviction from the closet.
Pay attention to the shoes. Outdated styles will ruin even the most thoughtful way – do not allow this. If you do not want to draw attention to the legs, select a neutral understated models.
Get rid of stereotypes. Do not try to match the color of the shoes and bag, do not pick up the lipstick in tone to nail Polish and don't dress in clothes of the same brand from head to toe. Be bolder. Invent unusual combinations or kits, supplementing them with unusual things. Eclectic, individual approach to the formation of the wardrobe is now in Vogue – and this trend looks set to continue for a long time.