Proper washing of the hair extensions

1. First of all, you should think about where to buy good products for hair extensions. Ask master who made you the treatments, what shampoos and conditioners should be used to the structure of the hair are not spoiled. Remember that artificial strands are attached to natural hair using capsules, so you need to be very careful while choosing the shampoo and conditioner. If you're looking for a way to energize the hair extensions, then you are best suited cosmetic products, having in its composition milk protein.

2. During washing of the hair extensions need to be very careful. The head should be held upright, not tilting it forward so the strands are not tangled. Also make sure that the water temperature is not too low or high. This can harm the hair structure and lead to what will have to do the procedure again.

3. Shampoo to put on hair slowly and hold it for two minutes, then slowly and gently wash off.

4. After washing your hair, you must gently and carefully wipe with a soft towel. Do not dry your hair, it is better to dry naturally.

Combing and styling hair extensions

Comb your hair only after drying when they become softer and more "obedient". Pay special attention to the capsules, which are attached extended strands, but the parts where attached with special tape, do not need to touch. Every night at bedtime, thoroughly brush your hair and braid his hair blond in a tight pigtail, so as not to damage them during sleep.

Before you style your hair, ask the Barber what styling styling products are best extended hair. If you prefer a more sophisticated styling, in this case, they should only do so in a special salon.