Correction procedure allows you to maintain their aesthetic appearance, natural Shine and naturalness. It is done every 2-4 months. Although the timing of such procedures for all considered General, the best time for her can be determined only specialist.
Visit your master. He will assess the condition and features of your natural strands and assign an estimated time for correction hair extensions. Usually it is needed when the hair grows not more than 3-4 cm. Stick to a set time. In this case, the removal and correction to be a simple and painless procedure.
Initially the hair is applied a special solution, the solvent of the capsule and at the same time moisturizing your own hair. Then special forceps breaks the capsule and gently pulls the extended strand. And so strand by strand. Then removed the hair carefully washed, dried and cut them with the ends where the capsules. At the same time to clean the head.
Correction procedure starts with the bottom row, gradually moving upwards. If you did hot build-up, each strand of hair napivaetsya new keratin capsule. Then it is placed under the natural strand, heat the apparatus with forceps and attached to your hair.
When correcting the hair extensions at the cold technologies, each strand is applied to a new polymer, or are new kutigi (ready strip). In the end, all the removed strands back to their seats, only moving closer to the roots.