Get your hair cut from an experienced master. So you get rid of damaged hair and your hair will get a nice neat shape. Try to choose a haircut that does not require complicated installation, because at the time of treatment and hair restoration is desirable to give up perms, hair straightening irons, the use of various varnishes and mousses.
Use nourishing oil to restore hair increase. Classics of the genre – burdock oil, but other: olive, peach, almond.Slightly heat the oil in a water bath, apply to hair, top, wrap with cellophane and wrap with warm towel. Leave oil on hair for several hours, rinse with warm water with shampoo.Conduct this procedure once a week, and very soon your damaged hair once again Shine and come to life.
Do strengthening and stimulating hair growth mask. To restore the hair after the procedure is increasing, it is important to strengthen their growth, for this part of the masks include irritating the scalp ingredients. These masks provide blood flow to the hair follicles, improve their nutrition.Mix a tablespoon of vegetable oil with one egg yolk, add the warmed half a Cup of yogurt and one tablespoon of dry mustard. Apply the mixture in the middle, put on a plastic cap, wrap a towel. Keep this mask on hair for twenty minutes, rinse with warm water with a small amount of shampoo.Carefully mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of ground red pepper, RUB this mixture into the hair roots before washing the head. Don't be alarmed if you feel a burning sensation, red pepper quite significantly irritating to the skin. Leave the mask on hair for fifteen minutes, wash hair as usual.
Strengthen hair salt compresses. Take a glass of salt, fill with warm water until creamy state and RUB the resulting mass into the hair roots, distributing over the entire surface of the head. Put on a plastic cap, wrap head with a towel. Keep this mixture on hair for at least an hour, rinse with warm water.Do this twice a week and soon you will notice improvement in the condition of the hair. Saline compresses and strengthens the roots, accelerates hair growth, it is an effective and affordable way to restore hair increase.