You will need
  • -Hairdryer
  • shampoo;
  • -varnish or foam;
  • invisible;
  • stud.
Before laying make sure your hair was clean and not matted. When you wash the hair extensions, don't keep them long different shampoos, conditioners and masks. Do not tilt your head forward. Wash her in the direction of hair growth – this will prevent tangling.
While brushing do not make sudden movements. Use a comb with rare teeth. Hold the strands and start with their tips, gradually combing all the hair. Avoid intense drying of the strands. If you have hair and you're not in a hurry, it's better they desichat yourself. If you washed your hair before going to sleep, it is better not to tightly braid the hair in a braid or tie in a ponytail, but don't go to sleep with damp locks.
Deciding to make a styling hair extension remember that is now standard at first glance, the procedure (drying, perms, straightening irons, coloring, etc.) can be bad for their condition. If you have the opportunity, ask for help to the Barber. It is desirable that it was the master who built up your hair, because he knows the characteristics of the material.
High temperature – the main enemy of hair extensions. In any case do not touch the attachment of hair tongs, Hairdryer or curlers. So as little as possible use these items for stacking or then use special filling equipment for the extension hair. Styling match the makeup with a neutral pH.
Hair extensions give a wide scope in the choice of styling option. Now you have long hair that you can braid it, stick with studs and invisible, to do high styling or curl into ringlets. The only thing we cannot allow is that when laying the attachment was visible. Just experiment at home a few times with the hair, then to exit you have created a flawless image.