In that case, when someone from the company starts to boast and immensely proud of themselves or their property, it will gradually begin to turn away friends. At first, his friends will begin to influence him and try to influence, but this method does not always help. Relationships with friends could be lost forever, family may endure a long time.

When human enter the house quarrel, strife and misunderstanding, it certainly is no positive energy, collapsing comfort. Between spouses, these relationships grow usually in silence. And then, as a consequence in the divorce. The Bible said that pride kills anyone.

Such a relationship was built between David and Absalom when the latter returned to the father's house. David allowed his son to come to the Palace and live there, but was too proud to talk with her one son. So Absalom lived near his father does with him not communicating. The great king shut out from her son, locking her heart and feelings on the castle. As a result, the son died, in this there is a certain percentage of the guilt of his father.

Need when talking with loved ones to always watch their words, because thrown hurtful words can create gap between relatives and friends.

Often people are proud of themselves and their position in society, are actually cowardly and envious. They are only in appearance to show all his pathos, and in fact nothing of itself is.

When socializing manifests an aversion to the source, this also manifests human pride.

First of all, the reason for the breakup of any relationship, the person should look for in themselves and to suppress the pride at the root. This will help from turning to the Lord.

You should tame yourself bad thoughts to other people. Worth remembering about humility, it will help to balance the attitude of the outside world and actions in particular.

You also need to constantly read prayers, and they will help easier to relate to people. Because they also contains humility, meekness. Prayers help to find the right words to communicate with other people.