Rosstat has published a ranking of the most common reasons for the dissolution of marriages of Russians. The main reason for divorce in 2015 became addicted to alcohol and drugs by one or both spouses (41%). The second position designated housing. 14% of respondents admitted that the reasons for the divorce was the lack of a private apartment. In third place – the invasion of relatives and other third parties in the family. This item accounts for 14% of divorces. Fourth place is given to very actual problem – the birth of a child. The inability for a long time to have a baby led to the breakdown of relationships 8% of men and women in Russia. The fifth reason for divorce is that young families for a long time do not live together. For this reason, in 2015 divorced 6% of couples. The sixth position is 2% of the cases the reason was serving time in prison of one spouse. The seventh reason – 1% of couples disagree over a long illness of a spouse.

Just for 2015 the application for the annulment of marriage on the territory of Russia filed 611,6 thousand pairs.

However, in the Russian Federation there are several reasons not to allow people to divorce. Leading position belongs to reason, for children. The second reason is the separation of home and other joint property. Third – dependence in material terms of one spouse from the other. Only a small percentage of divorce accounted for the disagreement of one of the spouses on divorce.

So, according to Rosstat, in 2015 the number of divorces in relation to the 2014 693,7 thousand divorces), decreased by 12%. The specialists of this state of Affairs in society explain the current economic situation.

In addition, according to experts, the declining trend in divorces is directly related to:

a) policy judges, the leading case on the divorce. As a rule, the judiciary is making every effort to still to reconcile the spouses and to preserve family;

b) social support from the state (social mortgage program of the parent capital and other measures of social support).