It would be good before the interview to know more about the company. To see the site on the Internet. This will be useful information for imaging.

Win – win situation- a business suit. It is better to prefer the skirt than the pants. Colors black, gray, blue. No bright flowers in shades of red, orange. If the suit is dark color, you can add a scarf or bracelet.

Pencil skirt in black or dark colours, knee-length. Under the jacket wear a light blouse or shirt. In winter you can wear a turtleneck.

Pants should be long not to were visible socks.

It can also be a sheath dress, dark blue or grey. No clear things.

Shoes classic. Pumps – the best option.

As accessories can be a good watch, ring, like wedding. Popular glasses. They give the appearance of business style. You can use them with ordinary glass.

In any case it is impossible to wear jeans, mini skirt, shorts, sport suit, beach shoes and cheap jewelry.

The bag will fit in the style of a portfolio, as well as "crocodile".

Blue color is ideal when applying for the position of lawyer or Bank employee. Brown fit for every day, but not for an interview. Red will only fit when applying for a leadership position. Colors like yellow, green or purple, it is better to use as a Supplement in the form of a scarf or neckerchief.

Hair clean, styled. Hands and nails should be well maintained. Manicure neat not bright. Don't overdo it with the perfume but not to wear stale clothes, so as not to scare people an unpleasant odor. You should not smoke, eat onions and garlic.

The clothes should fit the office. Whether it be a teacher or accountant, Secretary or administrator. It should be convenient and comfortable.

If the interview is in the winter, then in the first place, should not be colored pantyhose. Their color should match the color of your boots. No clothes with short sleeves. Clothing should be weather. Under a woolen dress, you can wear a blouse with a sleeve. Not to abandon the headgear. Bag of medium size.

Of course, choosing the right clothes does not guarantee that you can immediately get a job, but to make a good impression classy and elegant women have.