Watching TV during dinner

Why you need to stop. Dinner is one of the few cases where there is an opportunity to look each other in the eye, talk quietly and enjoy the time spent together. If at dinner time you wasted watching TV shows and commercials, it shows that they are more important to you than the relationship.

Miss sex

Why to stop. If you make love every two months, your body and brain will register the loss of intimacy and behave accordingly. After a while the lack of sex will cease to bother you.

During the working day are not associated with each other

Why to stop. If during the day you have no desire to contact your partner in your relationship something is wrong. It is not about to COO together for half a day, but careful SMS or email will take you only a few seconds of time, and the partner will give the happy moment.

Don't fight

Why to stop. Don't be fooled. The complete absence of quarrels is not a perfect indicator of marriage, and the fact that neither of you can Express your personality, or that you don't want to try to convince the other in my opinion.

Spend more time with friends than with spouse

Why to stop. So the behavior you send partner the signal that it for you are less important than friends.