Touch each other. Tender touch Express not only love for a spouse, as well as care and attention. No wonder almost all the lovers hold hands, this kind of gesture of tenderness and sympathy.
In any case, do not turn, and by all means keep communicating with her husband. Not only speak, but also listen carefully to a partner. Discuss everything, not just the joyful and important events and domestic issues, but all controversies. I don't need to stash inside, share what's bothering you, but be prepared and listen to the claims of the husband. During these Frank conversations, spouse and come to a compromise.
Very important point is the sexual life of the spouses will make every effort to fix it. Try to avoid routine in intimate relationsx, experiment, find out about the secret sexual desires and fulfill them.
Respect the personal space of each other, because, besides my family, you each have your own friends and interests. Let the husband goes fishing or goes out with friends at a sporting match, and this time you can devote to their favorite hobby or meet a friend in a cafe. There is total control!
Notice all the achievements of the spouse, however small, and encourage any efforts by a partner, who you are. But the compliments must be sincere, only then your husband will grow the wings". Sincere attention to success spouse further stimulates him to new challenges and victories.
Give each other pleasant trifles and write small love notes, it's very romantic. Determine one day a week when you will just the two of us, full use of this time: take a walk, go to movies or out to dinner, arrange a picnic, make love, and communicate, communicate, communicate. These days it is very bring together the spouses and strengthens marriages.