First you need to clear my schedule for the day. If you start to bed and Wake up at least an hour early, you can not only sleep, but also do not hurry, all the morning routines, including exercise, to cook a delicious and healthy Breakfast, to take care of their appearance. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of exposing the person to depression. Of course, throughout the day you should not forget to go outside, take a walk, enjoy the sun's rays that will help to lighten the mood. Also insistently it is recommended to often go with friends on vesani a picnic in the woods.

To spring the Blues passed, it is necessary to saturate the life only positive emotions, which are needed by almost everyone.

Well, for example, going with the family on a picnic, do a photoshoot, which will help to ensure not only a good mood, but also great photos. Read a book, a hobby or even made the case, which was postponed until later, can also bring positive emotions. A place for depression and does not remain.

An excellent remedy for a bad mood is considered and aromatherapy (lavender, pine, grapefruit, Jasmine). Before going to sleep in the bath a few drops of essential oil and sound sleep is guaranteed. You can still use scented candles and incense that not only will lighten mood, but also relieve tension after a hard day's work.

By the way, the mood can affect not only the flavors but also the colors. So often it is recommended to surround yourself with bright colors (clothes, dishes, painting, interior). Especially good for mood elevation and green, orange and yellow.

And finally. We should not forget about physical training, because sports give cheerfulness for the whole day and increase serotonin in the human brain. And he has a direct impact on lifting mood.

Fulfilling all these requirements, you can not only positively affect mood and improve health in General.