From avocado sparse foliage, twigs small. So for better branching, pinch out the top. Pinch back the tree to the spring. If you do it earlier in the spring may grow unwanted shoots. The first nipping doing on the eighth sheet. After this prosivane the tree, avocados will begin to branch. Every new sprig pinch on the fifth or sixth leaf. So topping a tree for three years will take half of the room.
Care for avocado at all easy. You only need to know the conditions of his detention in the home. Soil avocados prefer loose and water-holding capacity, the soil should not cake and harden.
Acidic soil the avocado does not tolerate. To improve soil, add sand, peat moss or expanded clay.
Avocados do not like direct sunlight, so choose a well-lit place where you do not get these same direct sunlight (e.g. near the Northern Windows).
Summer avocado should be watered abundantly, in the winter watering should be reduced. The best temperature for avocado – eighteen degrees. By following these simple rules, you will receive a beautiful evergreen tree.