Advice 1: How to pinch avocado

Many growers have already created the tropics on their window sills and balconies. Cultivated house and such exotic plants like avocado. Scientific name of avocado is Persea American (Regea americana). The family of Laurel. Actually, avocado is a plant not a room, but can easily be grown from seeds. Over the years, the sprout turns into a tree meter, pleasing the owners.
How to pinch avocado
From avocado sparse foliage, twigs small. So for better branching, pinch out the top. Pinch back the tree to the spring. If you do it earlier in the spring may grow unwanted shoots. The first nipping doing on the eighth sheet. After this prosivane the tree, avocados will begin to branch. Every new sprig pinch on the fifth or sixth leaf. So topping a tree for three years will take half of the room.
Care for avocado at all easy. You only need to know the conditions of his detention in the home. Soil avocados prefer loose and water-holding capacity, the soil should not cake and harden.
Acidic soil the avocado does not tolerate. To improve soil, add sand, peat moss or expanded clay.
Avocados do not like direct sunlight, so choose a well-lit place where you do not get these same direct sunlight (e.g. near the Northern Windows).
Summer avocado should be watered abundantly, in the winter watering should be reduced. The best temperature for avocado – eighteen degrees. By following these simple rules, you will receive a beautiful evergreen tree.

Advice 2: How to grow avocados from seeds.

If you make some effort, store-bought avocados you can grow a small tree. Although "home" avocado fruit, it creates in the apartment tropical surroundings and cleans the air.
How to grow avocados from seeds.
Buy ripe and juicy avocados, remove the pit. From seeds unripe fruit of the plant to grow will not work.
Think about how to plant avocado: with or without germination. Keep in mind that pre-germinated seed will sprout much faster, and when boarding without sprouting the first shoots will have to wait longer.
How to grow an avocado? Make the circumference of the bone (middle) at an equal distance from each other 3-4 small holes. Insert into the holes of a match or toothpick – they will support the bone over the water.
Place the avocado seed with the blunt end into a glass of cool boiled water. Due to the supports of the bone should be immersed in water approximately ¼ full.
Keep the pit in the avocado all the time in contact with the water. When some of the water evaporates, add more. Few weeks the roots will appear with a length of 3-4 cm With sharp end bone might hatch first sprout.
Prepare the soil mixture. Soil for avocado should consist of equal parts of garden soil, humus/damp peat and coarse sand. When preparing the soil mixture, add a pinch of lime, because avocado does not like acidic soils.
Soak sprouted bone 1/3 into the soil with the blunt end down and pour the soil. If the bone is planted without pre-sprouting, create to bone conditions of high humidity. To do this, close the pot with a glass container or plastic bag and place in a warm area with diffused sunlight or artificial light.
Growing avocados is simple. The plant likes warmth, moisture, and bright ambient light. The soil should always remain moist, so don't forget to regularly water the plant, and not allow anything to rest on the tree away from direct sunlight.
Avocados in the home can reach a height from 1 to 2.5 meters. So the plant grows more branching, pinch the ends of the stems.
Useful advice
Better to plant avocado in a plastic pot. Since clay pots absorb moisture, which is needed by the plant.
The bottom of the pot should have enough holes to drain water. It is also desirable to make the drainage of special pellets.
The first planting of avocados you can do in a not very deep pot. When the tree grows, it can be transplanted into a larger pot.
Spring and summer well to feed the plants with fertilizer designed for tropical plants.
To make avocado leaves are not dry, they need to be sprayed with water. Spraying is particularly necessary in the hot summer and during the heating season.
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