A special time in the life of the country, Ramadan. This month the daily life turns into night, because the residents adhere to strict fasting, which concerns not only eating, but also norms of behavior. Post probation ends after sunset, at this time, the society boils key.

The Egyptians tolerant of people of other faiths. You'll find pork and alcohol, forbidden for Muslims, at the local restaurants. Consider some of the features of communication, if you are going to visit the country.


Getting acquainted, man is always first. A single woman can't date a single man. In addition, a woman cannot walk alone on the street, unaccompanied. It is considered indecent.

To welcome you must always apply the right hand. Left-handers should be informed in advance of their features, because the left hand of the Egyptians make a variety of hygiene, is considered unclean. Shake this hand, then to offend people. Men slapped each other on the back or kiss on both cheeks if they are familiar with.

Daily life

Another feature of the behavior of the Egyptians, like people in any other Arab country, they are never in a hurry. The inhabitants of the country pay attention to choosing clothes. Of course, nobody will force you to wrap myself in dark clothes from head to toe, but don't walk the streets in shorts or skinny jeans or wear candid blouse.

Family life

The Egyptians generations live in the same house, although in recent years young families, following the European fashion, began to separate from parents. Friends in the family do not play almost any role. The wife can only be female friends. Man has no right to enter the house if the owner is absent.

This applies not only to guests, but also technical staff. When a woman comes to her friend, she can stay at her house until he returned home. In the hotel you will not feed unless you are invited in advance for lunch. Of course, tea and coffee will be offered. The lady of the house not caring for the guests, it makes the owner. Do not allow visitors in your home clothes.