In Egypt the standard of beauty and attractiveness were considered slim girl with almond-shaped, big eyes, like a cat. To give the eyes a form, the Egyptians drew eyes with black or green paint. To give the eyes expressiveness and brightness in them was dripping with the juice of the plant is the belladonna. The green color was very popular in Ancient Egypt, they painted the feet and the nails on the hands and green eyes were considered the most attractive. It is from Ancient Egypt, the fashion to paint eyes.

In Ancient China, the ideal is fragile, petite woman with small size feet. In order for the girl was attractive, child, childhood tight bandaging of the foot in consequence of which they ceased to grow. It was believed that a woman with black teeth looks more attractive because of this, Japanese women dyed their teeth black paint.

The standard of beauty in Ancient Greece was the figure of Aphrodite. Parameters Aphrodite: bust - 89 cm waist – 68 cm, hips – 93 see Present cult of a trained body. Were considered pretty big eyes and a straight nose.

In Ancient Rome there was a Vogue for bright, curly hair, pale skin. That's where I first started to bleach your hair.

In Ancient India, women wore rings in their noses, thereby showing that a woman has a husband, master.

Some standards of beauty affect the modern human psyche. For example, the people of the African tribe Mursi was specifically extended lower lip, pulling the lower teeth, they inserted a plate into the hole of the lips, gradually increasing its size. It is also customary to file the teeth to give them a sharp shape.

In the tribes of Africa , the most common tattoos. Symbolic signs were located around the body. Were out which tribe a person belongs. The standard of beauty in Africa was also long neck, up to thirty centimeters. From an early age the girls wore on his neck ring and gradually, as they grow older rings are added, more and more stretching his neck. Even if the girl came suffocation, remove the custom could only elder in the male line. Cleaned ring in wedding night.