At such moments the girl was nervous, but her behavior is such that it could provoke a complete rupture of relations. And it's true: the most interesting thing between people in love is just beginning, as the girl nor the sudden hysterics and requires a strange explanation. That's when girls start asking for their favorite that they didn't just leave them. It is possible that they were not going to quit until this moment, although now just think about it.

Therefore, if a girl doesn't want to lose her beloved, she needs to stop worrying about it and not to pester the man. A relationship should have a certain meaning.

In addition, the girl must understand the guy is not her personal property, so communication should be based on the desire to be with both sides. And push ourselves to another – makes no sense, because love can not be. So the person to whom she feels love should be respected.

Fear is a negative emotion, which may even be destructive. Therefore, girls in these situations need to change your attitude and try to reprogram yourself in the positive.

But the main thing – a girl or a woman should be for her man precisely the unique that is able to overshadow all the others of the fairer sex.