Most likely, the fear of losing a loved one, based on the past bad experience. And the man is afraid to relive the pain and disappointment. Leave the past in the past. This is a brand new relationship. Trust your spouse (wife).
Never let yourself depend on its second half. Develop their independence. Learn to solve their problems alone. Do not wait for a spouse (wife) that he's the first call will come to your aid and will fulfill all the desire to satisfy all your needs. Helplessness parading've ever held.
Fully dissolving in the relationship, you may lose your own individuality. Do not allow this. Every man should feel I have a personal interest, hobby. Even when life seems settled, don't stop working on yourself, try something new, fill your life with new impressions. After all, to communicate with interesting, advanced man is never boring.
The fear of losing a loved one, can be based on insecurity. Then you need to work hard on yourself. If you complex about the appearance, take care of yourself, exercise, proper diet, healthy lifestyle solves many problems associated with appearance. Also choosing the right hairstyle and wardrobe will emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. Visit the special self-improvement classes, read relevant literature.
Do not carp yourself. Communicating with your other half, don't strive to be perfect, don't beat yourself up for what is not said or done. Anyone can make a mistake. Your spouse (husband) as human and flawed, able to understand and perceive you the man you are.
In family relationships should be easy. Clutching their loved one screaming that it's wrong approach. The harder you try to bind man to himself, the more you will alienate. Because it is so important to provide your significant other personal space and be allowed to devote time to their interests.
Most importantly love yourself. Without this it is impossible to learn to love other people.