Very often the fear of losing a loved arises from low self-esteem. Some people think that they themselves do not need to leave any minute. So first of all take care of raising self-esteem. Always try to learn something new, to learn something. Even though it will be little things that are not useful to you in life. Start learning a new language, take yoga courses, read new books. A person who leads an interesting and varied life, of interest to many. So, his fear of losing.
Learn to love yourself. Not for something, but just. Every day do something for yourself, something that will give you pleasure. Take time to exercise. Visit the gym, the pool, do gymnastics at home or just do Hiking. Your body should always be in good shape. And if you sport greatly increase the mood.
Adjust your image. Get a haircut, buy yourself some new clothes, color your hair. People, who satisfied with their appearance and evokes sympathy and the rest. No need for drastic changes. Sometimes the acquisition of only one new scarf elevates mood and improves self-esteem.
Think ahead about how you will behave if a loved one dies. Realize that will not happen nothing catastrophic, life will not end. Just as you will meet friends, do household chores, go shopping and drink coffee in the morning. You might even be easier without the presence of this man. The limitations will disappear, you will become more free. When you realize this, the fear of loss will be less.
Don't try to bind to a loved one, it is not necessary to keep him on a short leash. The less you try to bind yourself to someone, the more likely that this person will not leave you. The scope and limitations often cause only one desire – to escape from them.