Stop to reflect, at least for a while. Soul-searching, the constant attempts to think about his behavior, the memories of the inflicted offense, think about what you could do in response, but didn't – all this makes dwell on the situation and creates a vicious circle from which it is difficult to escape. Let go of the situation.
Focus on the present. Think not about what happened, and that is. Try to stay positive: when it comes to mind caused you resentment, block her memories.
If you can not get rid of obsessive thoughts about causing you offense – try to look at the situation from the outside. Scroll to the head the most important moments, remember how and under what circumstances there was an unpleasant situation. Don't try to force yourself to remember the memory itself will tell you what you suffer the most. Recreating the situation, look at it. Think about the fact that she has already passed that life goes on, and past resentment has little value for you. If you don't have any contact with the abuser, think about the fact that it is no longer in your life.
Try another effective method of getting rid of past grievances – the displacement of pain from the heart. Make sure that nobody distracts you: disconnect the phone and stay alone. Sit down, relax, close your eyes. Imagine that caused you resentment sits in your heart and gives you peace of mind. Don't concentrate on it, don't force yourself to relive it all. Imagine that a breeze touches you that it blows away the bad memories from your heart. Let the hurt and pain go away, not keep them. Switch to the pleasant memories, think about what good there is in your life now. Take your time. Believe me, after this exercise you will be easier and freer to breathe.
If one method does not work, try to go to a psychologist. He will analyze the situation and suggest a way out.