If the pond will not be embellished, it will be very hard to stand out from the rest of the design. This kind might spoil the plot. To fix this, it is enough to put around the water appropriate to the plant which will help him greatly transformed.

When choosing plants for planting, one should know about their needs. Some plants like acidic soil, while others slabotochka. This problem may be solvable. You should choose plants that can grow on different soil conditions.

To decorate the banks of the pond can approach the following plants:

  • Iris Kaempfer
  • Astilboides
  • Marsh forget-me-not
  • Smooth iris
  • Lily
  • Kalmia latifolia

The first step is to start removing the turf near the pond. You need to prepare the plot with a width of two meters. If the soil is too heavy, then it should be a mixture of peat and sand.

For planting it will be favorable springtime. Start decorating the pond with Lily pads. To do this, they should be planted in baskets, sprinkle on top of the gravel. Baskets will need to be placed at the desired depth.

The background of the pond with the distance of two meters should decorate kalmiae, and before them may well be astilbe light pink color. They are best planted in groups.

Before astilbe it is advisable to plant irises, also groups. And again on the left side of the irises – astilbe, it is desirable to have pink. In the foreground can show off groups smooth irises. The remaining void should be filled marsh forget-me-nots.