To begin, decide what you want out of the pond and what's in it for decorative purposes? Whether he will be part of the overall garden composition, bathing or relaxation, the habitat of fish and aquatic plants? Depends on its design. In addition, you should consider the overall style of the garden and the location of the reservoir relative to the house and other landscape objects. Using landscape design combinations of different plants, stones and decorative elements, you can create a pond that matches any style, direction, and purpose.
In the design of reservoirs are two main styles: landscape and design. The first is characterized by the maximum approximation to nature for second – fantasy, the deliberate artificiality and conceptuality. Often when creating a design of the reservoir takes into account the style of your home and garden. If a certain, distinct style, it is better to place the pond in the landscape style.
In the design of reservoirs, close to natural, widely used stones. They are placed along the banks and bottom that creates the illusion of natural beauty. Form a landscape of reservoirs is free. Plants are chosen not exotic, and often wild-growing species of shrubs and grasses, which are found near the shores of natural bodies of water.
Dropped landscape along the banks of the reservoir compositions of perennials. Pick the plants are diverse in appearance that will create a harmonious transition from lawns, flower beds and other sections of the garden to the water. It could be Aquilegia, daylilies, Vasilenok. The border with water complete your Siberian iris, marsh forget-me-not, loosestrife, ferns. On the surface of the water let the Lemna, Trapa, water lilies.
To pond in a natural style look natural, the coastal area should be lush. Carefully review and consider the characteristics of the plants. They must feel good on their allotted plots. Decide in advance what types of plants you plant in the sun, in the shade, wet soils, etc.
Design the pond can be strict geometrical or fancy shapes. For example, to resemble a butterfly or flower. The design uses various types of decor: ceramic tiles, lanterns, clay pots and planters, garden sculpture, fountains, wrought-iron and wooden benches, exotic, richly flowering plants. That is all of that enough of your imagination.
If the pond nezaplanirovanno the bottom, you can make it so. Hammer the poles, so they are slightly above the water. Place them in clay vases and pots with low-growing plants: forget-me-nots, primroses and any other according to your taste (watering them with a hose).
The lights warmly illuminate the area of the garden with the pond and give you the opportunity to enjoy them in the evenings.
Even a small pond can be equipped with a fountain. Water, it is supplied from the water supply via a normal garden hose. The design also uses a pump. In specialized stores you can pick up a fountain for every taste and traditionally classical, and avant-garde.