In its arrangement, small pond, nothing distinguishable from the large ponds. First you need to dig a pit that will match the width and depth of your future pond, after it to make coconut mats or geotextile, or you can just fill with sand. In the end, it is possible to resort to materials that are left after the construction of the house, or to fork out for concreting. Very helpful there is already a ready-made plastic form. If your pond is small and deep, you can use the land, the remainder during the digging of the pit, and make the brook or small waterfall. It's all perfectly fit into the overall composition.

The plants you will be planting near the pond, also do not need to be large in size, they don't have to grow too. If you decide to plant trees, you should opt for dwarf forms, like willow or pine, they grow very slowly. A good choice would be to plant some aquatic plants, then all the attention will be focused on them. But such plants should be quite beautiful. So main rule that should guide when planting is to frame the pond and lots of plants.

A small pond is perfect for a garden in the Japanese style, when minimalism plays a key role.

If you want to install some sculpture near the pond, then the overall composition will perfectly decorate the figure of the little animal, frogs or turtles, making a fairy garden. If you continue the thought in this direction, it is possible to put the pond flower pendant or set a special machine which will form a mist over the pond, and thus making it mysterious. But you should choose the equipment which can be easily hidden behind rocks or grass.

Small pond – lovely and quiet place where they can fulfill their fantasies and desires.