Optimism is a matter of practice

Often, people mistakenly believe that it is worth it to find the causes of the difficult situation, to prove the correctness of their actions – and through difficult times will be easier. But all these futile attempts only exacerbate the desperation, depression and compassion toward yourself.

The ability to be happy, according to psychologists - not that other, as a habit. In the human brain is not able to extract a positive from all what is happening in his life, not activated neural path is responsible for a positive perception of the world. This feature of the human body can be expressed more simple terms: everyone can program yourself for a happy life and good health.

Producing optimistic to the rank of habits is not so difficult. You only need to find and "deposited" private memory of those unremarkable at first glance, the little things (fleeting feelings, smells or sounds), which, on the hook, "sticks to" the positive.

As one of the easiest methods of "locking positive" psychologists advise beginners lucky, being in a particular situation, ask yourself: "What value can I extract from this experience?" This and similar questions based on the feeling of gratitude to Fate, the easiest and most effective way to change the thinking and get rid of sadness and depression.

Negative experience also has value

Many people fear that the unconditional belief in success to lull their vigilance, make vulnerable and will attract into their life of misery. According to American psychotherapist Philippa Perry, the main condition of success – to learn to accept negative events and feelings instead of avoid them. Escape from unpleasant experiences, said Philip, is tantamount to a forced stop in the heart of the viscous swamp, embodying not lived the experience or voluntary rejection of the possibility to receive an important life lesson.

Through difficult times will help prayer

Faithful people, say psychologists, it is much easier to survive hard times than their non-religious fellow human beings. Christians have one way to cope with their UPS and downs of life is prayer for other people. Wanting others to have happiness, health and good luck, it is easier to understand that his own difficulties are no different from other people's misery.

Getting into a difficult situation, one is faced with a choice: to love, to trust, to accept, to give, to care, to fear, to attack, to manipulate... and so on. The one who chooses love casts out fear and anger. They chose war deeper and deeper into the abyss of hatred.