Regular consumption of yogurt has beneficial effects on the Central nervous system and strengthens the cardiovascular. Not surprisingly, with such characteristics yogurt is not just a favorite product for daily consumption, but also the basis for a special diet, which is called kefir.

Yogurt greatly improves the nervous and vascular systems. But really impressive positive results observed in the effect of eating yogurt on the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Yogurt provides active support in stabilizing the normal functioning of the intestines. For example, relieves the patient from bouts of diarrhea and intestinal disorders. People with chronic gastrointestinal diseases kefir helps to achieve an end to the constant nausea. Regular intake of this such a useful product eliminates heaviness in the region of the pancreas. So, there are several variants of kefir diet, but consider the most popular of these is diet program lasting a week. On the diet you must adhere to the following power schemes:

On the first day. You should buy kefir in the amount of one and a half liters and boil five medium potatoes. This will be the diet first diet the day;

The second day. All the same and a half liters of yogurt adds low-fat chicken fillet, weighing one hundred to one hundred fifty grams (without skin, preferably breast);

Day three. Again, the yogurt in the amount of one and a half liters, but combined with a hundred – hundred and fifty grams of boiled beef;

Fourth day. Kefir in the amount of one and a half litres in the day combined with a hundred – hundred and fifty grams of boiled fish, low-fat varieties;

Fifth day. Again, you need potrebitelei (also in volume one and a half liters), adding to the diet all the variety of vegetables and fruits. You can choose any, except bananas, grapes and melon.

The sixth day. Is a brand day mono. From morning to evening, you can drink kefir in the total number of two liters;

On the seventh day. This is a classic example of starvation. This day is to abstain from food and drink only pure non-carbonated water in any quantity.

To strict rules of dieting apply the exception to the consumption and preparation of sugar and salt. In addition, the fat content of the yogurt used should not exceed one – half percent. With regard to the allowed protein foods, allowed the use of cooked meat of any category, class eat poultry and fish should be lean and prepared by the cooking process. For the entire period of the diet completely excludes alcohol, meals should be separated by time intervals of three to four hours.