Foreign diets are extremely popular are

  • American diet,
  • the English diet,
  • is the Mediterranean diet.

Not less popular name diets

  • diet Protasov,
  • diet Valley
  • diet Queen Margaret.

Diet Valley is fundamentally similar to the kefir diet. Kefir diet focuses on daily eating mostly yogurt. Diet Protasov is calculated that in the first two weeks you need to eat vegetables (preferably raw), and the third week you can add meats. All diets contain the catalogue of diets. Very interesting is the zone diet, its advantage over others is the ability to select specific areas of the body that should be corrected.

Also extremely popular diet

  • fruit,
  • cabbage,
  • rice.

They are all based on the fact that when three meals a day each meal need to consume the main product (fruit, cabbage and rice, respectively). Very useful diet for pregnant women, as properly balanced diet has a positive impact on the health of the child. Many fear it is in vain that the diet is very monotonous and tasteless. This view is mistaken: the table is very rich and varied, and often light meals, especially cooked with imagination, significantly more interesting and tastier harmful junk food. Extremely popular in addition to the above carbohydrate-free diet and diet 5. But if you want to quickly clean up the figure, for example, to any festive event, in aid of a very quick diet like quick diet and diet 3 day.

With any diet it is worth remembering that a diet plan should be easily transported and does not deliver special problems, only in this case will be able to achieve the desired result and fix it.