To see the infinite expanse of the salt formations here that every year attracts large crowds of curious tourists who want to see this extraordinary wonder of the world.

Incredibly beautiful landscape is the dream for all to see. It really is a delightful spectacle, which is the most ordinary location on the earth. At the bottom of ancient lakes salt was mined. Here and today, it here so much that last for several million years. The thickness of the salt cover is 2-10 meters.

Salt Uyuni locals are used not only for food purposes but also make Souvenirs out of it, build the house and equip various facilities. The salt marsh is surrounded by numerous hotels of salt blocks, which were built here in 90 years. The furniture and other items are also made with salt.

The lake is almost devoid of vegetation, except only the cacti, which grow to giant size. In the late fall at the salt pond flock of South American flamingos, Andean geese and coots. In some neighborhoods you can see foxes and small rodents.

On Earth many amazing sights and one of them is lake Uyuni.