The temple is 5.5 kilometers from Siem reap. Of the temple area of about 82 hectares. The temple is a mountain with three levels that symbolize air, earth and water. This plan tried to bring to life many people, but it was only the Khmer Rouge.

The delight experienced by every visitor to the temple, it is impossible to describe. This simultaneous admiration in huge sizes and at the same time tranquility and peace.

The construction of the temple is unique and the fact that it is contrary to the standards going from top to bottom, that is first we created a mountain and it towers are installed, and only then did the construction of the lower floors. The entrance ticket for one day to the temple costs$20.

Most tourists are attracted by the observation of sunrise and sunset over the temple at this time of the day you can take great pictures.

To reach the city from the capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh by bus in 10-15$ or plane. The Siem Reap airport also accepts flights from neighboring countries Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The majority of Russian tourists visit Angkor while on holiday in Thailand. For example, a two-day tour from Pattaya is about 100$ but it is better to use the services of a private guide so as not to miss anything interesting.