Set goals.
A clear, motivating, realistic goals consistently misleading the body energy for their successful achievements. Connect a creative eye to everything that fill your goals with positive emotions. To do this, imagine that you have already safely come to a scheduled task: what do you feel? What I see and hear around you? What do you think about yourself in this moment? Ready for the formulation of the following goals and willingness to achieve them? Every once in a moment of loss of faith in himself (i.e. per minute, decrease in internal energy) imagine yourself a winner again and again. Helps, proven.
Quality relaxation is able to accumulate a huge amount of vital energy. Alas, our present life and the term stress very often become synonymous. We almost do everything in a state of extreme stress – work, moving, and even sitting and lying. From the body to the brain that is constantly a danger signal, the body begins working to transition to the ready mode for the worst, and this feature stands out a tremendous amount of energy. Is it possible to talk about creativity, good intentions, high-life tone, a good feeling? Of course not. The only solution is relaxation – conscious, regular, quality. The methods and techniques one chooses for himself, it could be meditation, music, floating, massage, passive recreation, communication with animals, etc.
Get enough sleep.
Sleep consistently fills our body with energy, promotes cell renewal, restore the Central nervous system and normalization of all organs.
Eat right.
More use of energy-intensive products (giving energy) – vegetables, fruits, nuts and plants. And reduce to zero the use of products that consume energy, - semi-finished products, chips and a variety of "chemistry", which there is abundance on the shelves of our stores. Drink plenty of pure water.
Breathe correctly.
Read the special literature, there you will find many of the breathing techniques. Select what, in your opinion, suits you the most. Mastering the technique of correct breathing, you will save yourself from many health problems, and then the energy spent earlier on the disease that will be constructive and positive work.
Even light exercise brings a stunning effect. It is known that after training, i.e. exercise, as the body relaxes, which serves as a triggering mechanism of energy production. The main thing - do not overdo it. Not to bring the body to overwork and exhaustion, during which will take all the energy stored previously.
Fall in love.
Love gives life a special meaning, thus filling the body and mind of creative energy. Not by chance in times of love people of the mountain can collapse.
Thank the universe (God, nature, universe) for giving you life.
Gratitude and a sense of joy of being, as it is known, gives the opportunity to share energy with other people and even the universe (the cosmos, the divine beginning). There exist a law that gave a lot more received. Learn to create a positive attitude.