1. In the beginning you will need this information product that can easily sell through a network – this product can be an e-book format or lecture, business package, or television semester. In this case, the product itself can create exactly are you proposing on the sale of author's work or to put on the space network useful to visitors product, with the right of resale.

2. You need to promote and sell their product on the Internet? Own web site, ideally you should start with small, consisting of 2 pages mini–website on the first information sheet, you can safely advertise the product or service, and the second – step by step instructions on how to obtain the product or use the service. In order to write the so-called sales letter – contact order to a professional copywriter.

3. Lead your own e-mail, in particular in this respect will be effective this method of advertising like sending to a particular email address. As the practice of psychologists and experienced sales managers, the confidence of the potential client you can win with 6-7 touch with you – everything is justified by the fact that at the time of the first contacts is ready to make the order and leave you. But if periodically to remind about themselves, their products, promotions – you will definitely win the customer, turning a simple visitor into your subscriber.

4. Create a free material on your topic for posting on the Internet articles and audio files, videos and so on. Many will ask why the information in the network and so abound? This will offer you potential audience and show that you are trustworthy – you are about yourself, your product and service to the right user information. If placing text content was useful for the client, interesting and quality – no one will doubt in you and your products. Become for all authority in the matter of fishing or hunting, sewing or electronics and the constant stream of customers and income you provided.

5. And the most basic and main Internet Commerce is your personality, the authority should not be in this respect a man without a face and name, when dealing with people in social networks. People need to know you in person – with whom to communicate and what your name is, when such an approach brings, because it is easier to communicate with someone who know my name. It is your name you will do in the future, your own brand and branding, promoting your product and service.