Deciding to create an online store in a social network, you need to clearly define what will be sold there. In order to attract buyers, the goods must have some kind of uniqueness, or your proposals must be attractive to the audience.

How to set up shop on the social network

First, you need to find suppliers. If you have a business in real life, the Internet can be a platform for the sale of goods. If you're starting from scratch, meticulously select the stores that send goods to Russia. This will allow you to save on services of intermediaries.

Create a new community or social network profile. The group gives the opportunity to open threads and post pictures of clients. This is useful for writing reviews and showing things in real life, for example, put on the buyer. Personal page gives you the opportunity to invite people who are not listed among friends. You can combine these options, registering a personal profile and posting a link in it to the group.

After creating the page create multiple albums with examples of your products. Photos should be of good size and quality. So they are more interested buyers. Under a photo it is desirable to indicate the price that people are not asked to repeat several times.

Be sure to write your terms of delivery and payment, as well as the conditions of the order. You're alone in the city or send the goods by mail, do I need a Deposit, etc. Mention that to a new store with no reviews and reputation people will be treated suspiciously. Therefore, the prepayment of 100% is unlikely to satisfy the customers.

Attract customers at an early stage things in stock that people will be able to see, try on, test. Ask customers to leave their reviews after purchasing, will be to develop a rating.

Some tips for doing business online

Use the tab "access Statistics". So you will be able to track the number of visitors to your store, their age and location. Through shares, reposts and special offers you can adjust the number of users coming to the page.

Social networks provide the opportunity to promote your group among the selected audience. This will help to attract visitors, sending invitations to everyone.

From the beginning, be polite with clients, promptly answer their questions, and help with the selection of products. Lining happen to everyone, does not gloss over information, if parcels are delayed. Apologize and ask to wait.

Make sure you have a complex username and password. This will keep from breaking the page and lost clients.