This man's behavior may indicate that he was faced with a problem that is not able to cope. In this case, his cry is a reaction to the psychological stress of trying to get rid of a strong internal tension and to abreact. You need to talk quietly with your spouse and find out what was troubling him, and then try to work with them to find a way out of a stressful situation. Maybe speaking her problem aloud, the man will understand that it is solvable.

Often the husband yells at the wife, venting her anger on your boss or colleague. At work he has to suppress negative emotions, but at home he gives them out. Gently recommend the spouse to visit the fitness club and Boxing. Punching bag – good for splash of suppressed aggression.

A possible reason for the aggressive behavior of men is the wife's inattention to his achievements. It is naughty, like a little kid trying to attract attention and get recognition. Often praise her husband, tell him how he is a wonderful man, husband and specialist. Similar words for men as balm for the soul.

If the husband began to shout over you in any case don't answer him the same. Better let him speak, listen to him and try to understand how grounded are his claims. Maybe you need something to go in his concessions?

In any case, remember: the desire to understand a spouse, the attention and the analysis of its behavior will help you make family relationships more warm and sincere.