The insults from her husband: causes and solutions

To solve the problem, you first should understand the reasons for its occurrence. Not surprising if men abuse their wives, thus attempting to protect their living space. They thus respond to the request not to linger after work, not to go fishing with friends and at other times when the wife, from their point of view, introduces unpleasant restrictions. In this case, you can try to negotiate with the spouse to clarify the situation.
Think, not do you provoke her husband to insults. If so, you should correct your behavior and be sure to discuss the issue with your spouse.

Men, unhappy with the marriage or their life in General, often prefer not to talk about what's bothering them, and to harass the wife by insults and humiliation, and tore off her evil. We can not tolerate such treatment, but you can try to calm my husband down and explain to him that his words only make it worse and not help solve the problem.

The most difficult and unpleasant experience when a man hurts wife simply because a similar pattern of behavior was adopted in the family of his parents. To rectify the situation in this case can an experienced psychologist.

How to respond to insults

If the husband began to hurt you should first try to calmly talk to him. No need to raise his voice or humiliate him in response. Tell me, what would you like to talk, and insults very upset with you.
Sometimes go to a constructive dialogue simply cannot. In this case, you can either ignore the words of men, or even to leave the room or even from house to calm down and not to allow to offend you further.

Discuss with your man the reasons for his behavior. Ask them to explain why it behaves like this, and how unpleasant to you to hear the insults. No need to blame or scandal. If the husband is too angry and cannot talk calmly, think about what your actions, he reacts aggressively. Maybe you hurt his feelings or offended him? In this case, the problem can be solved by changing their behaviour and explaining to the husband that insults the best replacement simple and quiet phrases that he is not satisfied.

If neither conversation nor behavior changes or communication with the psychologist, nor the ignoring did not work, and the husband continues to mistreat you for no objective reason, maybe it's time to think about the breakup. Allow a man to hurt you and keep a family in which the husband does not love, and offended his pious, not worth it.