Why the husband beats the wife?

From nature in the man instinct of self-assertion, and most often he expresses it through force. If in the past, men could demonstrate their power in hunting or in war, now when it is no longer necessary, the only place where they show their strength is a family. Such men rapists can be divided into two types. The first type is the man who gradually quarrel comes to blows, accumulating aggression to the last. The second type, occurring less frequently, more terrible than the first: it can lash out abruptly, spontaneously, while its external appearance may not Express any aggressiveness. In the plans of such a man may even murder.

What to do if this happened?

If a man first raised his hand, the woman must realize that she chose the role of victim. Yes, it is. The husband will address his wife as she allows him to do it. Of course, many will say that the part is easy to say, but, perhaps, the best time to find the strength to say that such an attitude is absolutely unacceptable. Feeling sorry for myself – also not the best solution, and justify this behavior on the part of the husband, for example, the fact that he was tired at work etc. Better at once, not waiting for the next attack of aggression, to try to resolve the conflict, having shown their ardent dissatisfaction.

Throw it and run away – this tip is the most common in this situation. In most cases it is most appropriate, after all, to endure all his life, the beatings do not. Do not be afraid of leaving – it doesn't stop there. Especially if the family has children, you have to think about them – the psyche of the child would be broken if it since childhood, will watch as the father beats the mother. In addition, often subject to beatings to children.

If the conflict is accompanied by threats to the life of her husband, should contact the special assistance centers, which are engaged in protection of victims of domestic violence. Almost every city or at least region has a center, so contact is easy. If for any reason this is not possible, you can refer to your friends and relatives and, as a continuation of the previous Council, run quickly away. In addition, it is necessary to apply to any medical institution, where beatings will be recorded, and from these data to apply to such court as the police and the court.

Domestic violence is a problem that you can't leave just like that – it should be solved. To run, to go to a psychologist to try to resolve the conflict... of the Solutions may be many, though not all and not always will really help. You just have to remember that beats does not mean love, and we must not be afraid to break with the aggressor at first. No one can help until the woman herself does not realize that she is not worthy of such treatment.