How to cheaply get to sea in 2016?

The most expensive transport aircraft. You can save only with early booking and in the winter months. But it still will not be cheaper than the train.

The railroad offers relatively inexpensive options. If the goal is to save money, choose not compartment and reserved seat. And side shelves are cheaper by 10-15%. The price of train in 2016, about 1500 rubles per 1000 km. the Price for the bus is approximately equal to the train on the train, the difference is not more than 15%.

Travel by car will be even cheaper. With fuel consumption 10 l/ 100 km for every 1000 km will leave 100 litres of petrol. At 35 rubles — this is 3500 rubles. But in the car at the same time can go to 4 people. And the train would have had to pay for the same distance of 6,000 rubles.

If no car, you can use the website companions. To choose the person who goes for the summer, is not difficult. The train will cost 700-1000 rubles per 1000 km.

How to save on accommodation to the sea in 2016?

Hotels, guest houses and pensions is expensive. Of course, the difference in price is very different from the level of institutions, but there are options and easier private sector. Almost every town or village on the coast is nondescript houses in which rooms for rent. The farther housing is from the sea, so it is cheaper. By the way, the lowest prices in Krasnodar Krai on the sea of Azov, one night can cost just 200 rubles per person.

The private sector implies a room with a bed and no amenities. The toilet and shower are located mostly in the territory, the kitchen. But there are plates, pans for cooking. The price is cheap accommodation in Anapa — from 300 rubles, and in Gelendzhik — from 350 rubles.

A similar option is the camp site on the beach. The farther they are from cities and large towns, the cheaper. But if a private home can be found at the place, on the availability at the camp should know in advance. The cost of cheap hostels — from 350 rubles for 1 place.

But cheaper to live in a tent. Camping is a place where you can put a tent on the beach. But the territory is equipped with toilet, shower and electricity. To charge the phone is not difficult. The price of camping 100-200 rubles per person. Sometimes the payment is not per person, and tent or a car. But it is also in the aisles of 300 rubles.

Savages, too, can live on the beach. The tent will be able to put in a wild place and without charge. But there will have to equip the toilet and to live without light.

The price of food at sea in 2016

With economical food necessary to prepare yourself. Products to buy is in large hypermarkets. Large stores offer the lowest prices. In stalls or small private shops by the sea prices are always inflated.

Vegetables and fruits worth to buy in the markets which are local. They are not on the way to the beach, usually somewhere not in a tourist area. The difference in cost will be 30-40% compared to the "beach" options.

Summer in the Krasnodar region for many vegetables. Buy them for pennies on the track. Passing by small stalls, stop and find out the price. Watermelons, melons, grapes on the fields is much cheaper.

How cheap to rest at sea in 2016? You should think over the route, find a company. Budget vacation more fun together. The minimum price of a stay at sea 2016 per person — 500 rubles per day. But it will have to be modest, and to cook for themselves. But the sea still will be happy, and beautiful scenery will make hundreds of beautiful photos.