How can that be in this case? First, you need to conduct an audit of the closet and reveal those things that for one reason or another are not suitable, for example, a small, ugly sit, are obsolete. All "offenders" should be deleted. To donate, throw away, cut into rags for washing Windows, that is to be disposed of permanently. Not worth to cherish the hope that one day I would want to wear if for 2 years the desire has not appeared, then the thing is hopeless.

Economical update

To cut the cost of shopping, you must buy things online. After the audit once it becomes clear what things in excess, and which is sorely lacking. It is very important that for work had at least two sets of clothes for walking — one or two, but for an evening out quite a few things that can be successfully combined with each other.

Buying new things

Forming in your wardrobe necessary minimum, should be aware that our database needs to be light trousers, jeans, plain blouses and a few simple summer t-shirts. Shoes should be left classic shoes, flip-flops for trips to the sea. If you make a clear list of necessary purchases, and spend more than planned will be more difficult. In this closet you will successfully update and make the kits for all occasions.