Get a new coat. Select the model on the figure, of moderate length. Choosing the color, pay attention to the light and bright tone. Instead of dark gray, black and brown colors try pearl grey, cream, Golden beige, lilac or red. Perhaps the coat you need only a month – but this month you have to live brightly.
Another important purchase is a coat for warmer but still cool days. For several seasons the most popular model is the classic trench coat. A very practical choice model from crisp cotton unlined. Choose a cloak in the color of your main closet. If you prefer warm shades, stop for models coffee, camel or cream color. For those who like cool tones suited trench coat steel blue-grey or mouse color.
Go through the jerseys and pullovers. Dark and shapeless models with fleece collar and deaf postpone until next winter. Instead, purchase some elegant jeans in a slim cut with cropped sleeves and modest neckline. Choose a model with a relief pattern, knitted from textured yarns or embellished with embroidery, beading and decorative details. Two or three things is enough to make a fresh touch to your closet.
Don't forget the tops – they are much more practical blouses. The best choice – light and bright models, a refreshing face. Three or four of the top decorate spring wardrobe and will come in handy in the summer.
If you spent the entire winter wearing warm pants, be sure to buy a skirt or two. To work fit the classic pencil skirt of fine wool, and for free time – light and airy model from silk or polyester. It can be combined with a thin pullover, a relaxed top and a cotton jacket.
Update your jeans. For spring fit classic blue denim and black is associated with winter, while light blue is more suitable for the hot summer. The model you choose depending on the shape. Straight-leg jeans will hide the stout legs, and a narrow skinny jeans accentuate a slim figure. Wear them with short jackets or coats.
Inspect your Shoe inventory. Spring is to treat yourself to a new pair of boots. If you prefer skirts, buy boots to the knee of fine leather. Wear with trousers and elegant ankle boots. Do not forget about the shoes matching the color to the coat.
Complement your spring wardrobe accessories. Pick a suitable bag an interesting shape with an unusual design. If you don't like experimenting, select a quieter model light shade – beige, light gray, cream or gold. Buy a couple of scarves actual colors and long plastic beads that you can wear several strands at once. And be sure to select a bright umbrella and a fashionable dark glasses in the spring you will need both.