You will need
  • - fashion magazines;
  • - fashion blogs;
  • accessories;
  • - the Internet.
Devote at least half an hour a day studying fashion magazines and blogs. On the Internet a lot of resources that can transform your vision fashion. You'll surely be amazed that lots of stylish images are created with minimal costs. Be careful how to use the accessories as worn familiar things, like combining different items of clothing.
Do not aspire to a lot of things in the wardrobe. Let them be few, but good and sound. First of all it concerns the basic wardrobe: the basics, with which you will create your own style. Classic skirts, sweaters, jackets can cost you quite inexpensive. The main condition is that all of these things perfectly sitting on you. Severe wasting can be justified only in the case of buying shoes and bags.
Discard things even with the slightest hint of vulgarity. Rhinestones, Pataki, leopard and snake colors, faux patent leather look cheap. Do not pay attention to the fact that one of these trends today may be in Vogue. Low-cut leopard print dress can look appropriate on the runway or red carpet, but not in metro.
Carefully consider your image, combination of things. Create style through accessories. Even an inexpensive scarf, originally tied around the neck, can turn you into a sweet home Alabama. Find the fashion image that uses your favorite celebrity. Remember all the little things and try to find the same thing in budget stores. In most cases you will succeed. After all, even the stars in recent years, often buy clothes available in chain stores such as Zara or Mango, and even proud of my bargain shopping.
Make friends with regulars at fashion forums and learn a joint procurement on the Internet. This can save you a significant amount of funds and buy interesting things which you will not find in local stores. In addition, the practice of buying at a major foreign websites, such as If you will regularly track the emerging proposals, you will be able to make a full wardrobe of unique items.