To prepare for the competition should be a few days before they start. Physical activity reduced. More attention is paid to technical and tactical training. Training is recommended at the same time that the competitions will be held. It is advisable to stick to usual sleep, rest and food. When the competition is held in a different climate and time zone, the athlete needs to go to the competition in advance and adapt to them.
Try to escape from thinking about the upcoming concert the day before the competition. Go to a concert, to the cinema, visit the circus or read an interesting book. If the event takes place in a strange city, you can arrange a study tour and visit the local Museum. Perform relaxation session. Get a calm and relaxed state. Avoid talking about the possible outcome of the competition. Take control of your own thoughts and emotions. This will save you from "burnout" at the start.
Immediately before the performance, inspect the competition area, do a light workout with competitive rounds. Warming up helps combat excessive anxiety and negative emotions. It improves the functioning of all body systems, results in muscle tone and activates the brain. Workout is a necessary means of preventing injuries and held for 5-10 minutes before the start.
During the workout, repeat the pre-prepared formulas to auto-suggestion, for example "I am calm. I am confident in their abilities. I will succeed. I'm ready to compete at a hundred percent." Autosuggestion is better to start practicing a month before the competition. Then it will be perceived as a trigger – quick switching from one state to another.