You stand before a choice – to promote a website quickly and easily, but for the money, or long and troublesome, but free. Those who prefer the first option, further advice is not useful, just type in Google "SEO for profit" and find among thousands of offers the one that suits you.

If you think that is quite able to cope with the problem of promotion on their own, that all that is written below is very useful. So, before proceeding to site promotion should start to engage in his creation, and to approach this process is very thorough, fulfilling all the following items:

1. The creation of quality design.

2. The site content is unique and interesting SEO content.

3. The purchase of paid hosting (necessary, otherwise the promotion will not make any sense).

4. To buy a unique domain.

After you have verified that all the above requirements are met, and the site has been successfully hosted, you can start to promote it. For information – website promotion it is raising its ranking in search engines ( Yandex, Google, etc.). Website promotion is necessary to attract large number of visitors and thus increasing the popularity of a website.

For the successful promotion need:

1. Site registration in search engines.

2. Registration in catalogs (this will be very helpful specialized programs that can be easily found on the Internet).

3. Message boards (not much help, but it can't hurt, and with the help of specialized programs that you perform this step very quickly).

4. Link exchange (either via exchanges, which is quite a lot, either by yourself through the forums).

5. Advertising on the forums and in the blogosphere.

Performing all the suggested actions within a certain time period, you will see firsthand what web site promotion is beginning to bear fruit and you are getting closer and closer to the top of the list of search engines.

And lastly remember, to get the user to get to your page is only the first step, and the main task lies in the fact that he wanted to come back to you again and again and advise friends to do the same. So do not be lazy to periodically update the materials and try to make them as interesting not only for you but for others!