Let's check out what websites go to the top.

When calculating the positions take into account many different factors. First of all, take into account the popularity of the resource, because the more people visit the website the more authoritative it is and the higher should be his position. Hence a simple conclusion that to improve you must first attract the traffic. Thus it is necessary to focus not on the traffic from the search engines, and alternative sources. Placing links in the network to attract an additional influx of visitors.

Moreover, links are considered with the calculation position of the site. This rule has been in place for a long time, and despite frequent claims by some SEOs links will remain valid for a long time. Considering that the search engines representatives sometimes speak out on the growing influence of behavioral factors in the ranking formula, it should be noted that now only Yandex uses only behavioral factors in the calculation of the positions of the sites, and that only commercial subjects. For the rest of the resources still reference weight remains an important indicator for search engine optimization.

However, the formation of the reference mass should look for only high quality websites, now quality of links plays a key role. Now do not get to win high positions due to the large number of poor quality links will not succeed. The culprit, again, behavioral factors, because search engines now determine how often people click on links and the more this happens the more weight the link has. Therefore, those links that no one uses is simply not counted when calculating positions.

Behavioral factors become very important today. Now for engine optimization is extremely important to make a resource more attractive and interesting to people. The fact that even if resources are high TIC, if there is a lot of external links, but bad behavioral factors, to break out in the top will not succeed. It is therefore important to improve the quality of the resource and to focus not on search engines, namely on real people in your audience.

Also in the calculation of the position takes into account internal factors such as structure, page load time, relevance, title tags and description, the presence of photos and videos, social widgets, and more. The formula for calculating the positions of the sites are very complex, and it is not necessary to know for successful website promotion. Simply work on attracting traffic, and the position will grow automatically.