Unfortunately, the youth is given to us not for ever. You feel like the young woman, but are you over 40 and in the body begin irreversible processes of aging. Try to treat this with understanding. Changes occur primarily in the endocrine system - decreases the level of estrogen.

After 45 years there is a deficiency of sex hormones and you can observe the symptoms of climacteric syndrome. They manifest themselves in the form of small copious sweat, hot flushes, irrational bouts of depression. The symptoms are certainly bothersome, but the majority of women disappear without a trace. When menopause occurs in severe form, it requires professional help.

There is a risk of women, are most susceptible to heavy flow of menopause. It includes hereditary diseases that are transmitted through the female line. Risk group includes Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis, early myocardial infarction, disorder of the genitourinary system, stroke. You definitely recommended a visit to the gynecologist and the application of therapy to eliminate unpleasant symptoms. Typically assigned to the hormone replacement therapy.

If you have menopause don't despair. Life goes on. Every age is beautiful, especially if you are a woman.