Advice 1: At what age starts menopause

Only every twentieth woman's menstrual cycle at the age of 55 years. The other much before they will learn what is menopause. However, be upset due to the fact that the reproductive function ends is not necessary. Need to prepare for it. And for this it is necessary to consider a number of rules.
At what age starts menopause
The average age of menopause in women is 52 years. However, there are those ladies who experienced this phenomenon in 40 years. To predict when it will come, and your period is unlikely to succeed. However, to try to predict the onset of menopause is still possible.

Reasons menopause may come early

Earlier – in 40-45 years menopause – point transferred quite a serious gynecological diseases. Also the reason for an early cessation of reproductive function in women is the constant stress in which a woman lives. His influence and bad habits. To start the menopause for various reasons.
To delay the onset of menopause is unlikely to succeed. However, it is possible to prepare for it. After all, menopause is a serious challenge for the woman's body.

The symptoms of menopause

Often the climax comes unexpectedly, and the woman is unprepared for it. Therefore, the symptoms with which it may encounter, not always interpreted correctly. Insomnia, strange taste in mouth, mood swings, irritability, or sensitivity – all these are the first signs of menopause. Of course, the most striking proof that it is menopause is the cessation of menstruation.

In addition, the onset of menopause can include:
- tachycardia;
- tingling in the hands and feet;
- numbness of the limbs;
- sleep disorders;
- muscle pain;
- feeling short of breath;
- dry eyes, etc.

Experts attribute the appearance of these symptoms and the deterioration of women's health with a sharp decline in the blood level of the hormone estrogen. As a result, tend to change the reaction of a biochemical nature that occur in the body and reduces the production of other hormones.
There are lucky women who are lucky and they have not experienced any of the symptoms. Also among the lucky ladies include those whose symptoms are not too intense. However, there are rarely lucky.

By themselves, the symptoms, as the doctors say, it is not dangerous. However, they can sometimes cause quite significant changes in the physical or psychological condition ladies. How many problems can bring the first time without a menstrual period is unknown. Sometimes the consequences are such, that the ladies even begin to envy the men.

To foresee the symptoms and when they appear nobody can. So you should be prepared that the climax can occur unexpectedly, and not to make of this event a tragedy. Moreover, it does not mean that life has come to an end. On the contrary, menopause is a marker of began a new phase in life – Mature.

Advice 2 : Late menopause is bad or not

One of the most unpleasant periods in the life of every woman is menopause or menopause. This state is characterized by persistent articular and headaches, hot flashes, emotional instability. Some women may experience a late menopause, which has its own characteristics.
Late menopause is bad or not
Period end of fertility in women is the age range of 45-55 years. After menopause the body loses a natural protection, which means a high probability of occurrence of many diseases. It is therefore important to think in advance, trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle, caring for them correctly and variously eating, adjusting itself to the positive. Such measures can help to avoid many troubles associated with menopause, or even postpone its onset.
It is considered late menopause occurring after 55 years of age. This phenomenon may be due to different reasons. Menopause may be a long time to come, in connection with the presence in the body women tumors that produce estrogen. The reasons can be attributed to congestion in the pelvic organs. In addition, the prolonged absence of menopause may be associated with more pleasant reasons: heredity, either a healthy lifestyle from an early age. Therefore, if climax does not occur, and in 50 years, but health problems no worry no sense.
The biggest advantages of late menopause is delaying its accompanying unpleasant symptoms and prolonging youth. Besides, while functioning, the ovaries, the female body is invisible under natural protection.
After menopause women have problems with bones and musculoskeletal disorders. This period is characterized by rapid loss of calcium and bone mass (up to 10% per year). That's why most older ladies complaining of sprains, fractures, osteoporosis and other troubles associated with health. Later menopause gives you the ability to extend a full life without such problems for several years.
The possibility of production of estrogen by the body allows you to preserve the beauty and femininity. This applies not only shapes, but also the condition of the hair, nails, skin. Enduring sexual attraction gives the opportunity to live an intimate life. In addition, women before menopause are generally in a more positive mood than during it.
It should be noted that late age at menopause is often seen in mothers with many children or late parous women. However, this phenomenon has a drawback.
Late menopause increases the risk of ovarian cancer or breast cancer. But do not be afraid, because it's only a risk, not an inevitable fact. To keep the condition under control, it's important to be examined by a mammologist and gynecologist.
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