The best way to get a specific man to chase you – be the center of male attention. Men always notice women that are popular, and the herd instinct is triggered the train.
Flirting has always been a powerful weapon, arousing men's interest. The method is extremely simple, but to this day has not lost its relevance. First, man needs to show his interest. Intrigued, we need to dramatically change tactics, and pour over it cold, and then again to be nice and helpful. And so on. Of course, this whole cycle should be done not in five minutes, otherwise the object will know about your game. Despite the fact that this method knows everybody, men still fall into this trap.
Become a mystery to him. Don't tell him what he wants to know. Let it break your head over where you were this weekend, and who gave you a new watch. Never give a complete answer to his question, and the more he asked the less he speak. However, hints that it was a wonderful, memorable weekend that you will not soon forget (and not necessarily him know that for all these unforgettable weekend you helped your uncle to dig potatoes). It is important to remember two points – do not stoop to the lies and keep balance, so he doesn't know about your game.
Be happy, optimistic and harmonious. Men chase these women and no subterfuge on their part, because everyone wants to get under the ray of her smile. Therefore, the best method is not to focus on the ways to attract men, and to direct the energy to create happiness and joy in his own soul. After that, the men will not be forthcoming.