Advice 1: Who is Alena Piskun

Alena Piskun became famous through the social network Vkontakte. This strange girl has positioned itself as a kind of sexual thing. Walk through the network of her very candid video, some users even say that Alyona Piskun is not a woman, but a converted man.
Who is Alena Piskun

Alena was born 7 March 1988. From her Vkontake page you can find out what the girl was trained mfpu "synergy". She finished to learn in 2013. It is clear that the received knowledge she never worked, and was actively engaged in questionable entertainment projects. She has recorded songs, appeared in erotic (one might even say pornographic) show.

Famous Russian Piskun began after his participation in the program "let's get married". On the Internet there is a video cut from the transmission, where Alain shows his chest, explaining that the only way to lure in men.

The life of Alena Piskun, its development and the numerous transformations it is interesting to observe. The girl really knows how to surprise the common man, far from city life. Sometimes it is scary when you imagine what the outcome of her dubious career, and this popularity.

If you look at early photos of Alena Piskun, we see a completely different person. Without a bright make-up it a little bit, but was similar to the average, quite a pretty girl, however, numerous plastic surgeries did the trick: now really can you doubt sex Alena Piskun.

It is in itself managed to redo everything. Particularly hard hit her nose, which had undergone one surgical procedure. She now prefers to paint the nose a dark color, and that raises many questions from users of the network. Some say that she, like Michael Jackson, after rhinoplasty the nose itself is darkened, however, Alain is in a hurry to dissuade the evil of the envious, saying that she specifically paints the dark tip of a pencil to be like a cat.

It is also known that Alain Piskun in the spring of 2015 received a suspended sentence under article 228 part 1 of the criminal code. On some of her videos shows that she is in a condition of narcotic intoxication and behaving very inappropriately. In the spring of 2015, the girl and disappeared out of sight of the users of the network, but then came back prettier and opravivshis on a few pounds (rumor has it that she underwent a course of drug treatment).

Alain Piskun can be found on the website, where girls offer services of an intimate nature. There, she positions herself as a singer and participant of many shows on television. In fact, it is sometimes invited to participate in the filming television programs. She was undoubtedly bright, friendly and very funny, but her humor is clear not all.

Advice 2: Who is Alena Vodonaeva

Alena Vodonaeva is known as one of the most spectacular and popular member of the television show "House-2". After retiring from the project for quite some time, Alena was not lost, as some of the other "stars", and has starred in several films, had a baby and became a TV presenter.
Who is Alena Vodonaeva

Biography and personal life Alena Vodonaevoy

Alena was born in the city of Tyumen on 2 July 1982, where he received subsequently in journalism and even worked on the Tyumen television correspondent. In 2004 Vodonaeva has come as a simple participant in the then the just the beginning of the TV project "Dom-2", then the whole country had the opportunity to observe her passionate, painful but memorable romances with Stepan Menshikov and May Apricot.

After three years of living under the cameras, Alena left the "House-2" on 12 June 2007.

A few years former member of the TV show married in the Gagarin registry office of Moscow businessman Arseniy Sharov, and in 2010 the long-awaited pregnancy. The couple gave birth to a son Bogdan.

Unfortunately, after three years of marriage beautiful and memorable, the couple filed for divorce.


Almost immediately after the departure of "House-2" Alena has recorded a joint with a group of kids track "Paper sky", but according to Vodonaevoy, career of the singer is not very attracted to her, as a long-standing addiction beauty was just TV and journalism.

Soon Alena was a presenter of the show Realiti Girl, which came out in the Internet, and led him, together with a known brawler Otar cusanelli. Unfortunately, they are unable to coexist in one project, resulting in Alena left the show.

The next step in building a career for presenter Alena Vodonaevoy was the author's transfer on the Internet channel where the star interviewed famous and influential in Russia representatives of the stronger sex. In parallel with this work she has led a popular online journal, which in 2009 became the third reading in Runet.

2010 year in the life of the then pregnant Alena was marked by only one striking work – the filming of "the Naked ten", aired on the TV channel Ren-TV. But in 2011, Alyona was headed by an interesting TV show "good night, guys", who she was together with the famous Anfisa Chekhova. After closing of your show and Alena went to the "Popular doctor" on the same channel.

In 2010, Alena managed also to record with Alexander Lominskiy the song "Heart vulnerable", which was subsequently filmed.

A real high point Vodonaevoy become "Vacation in Mexico-2", released on MTV Russia in 2012. What Alain was able to become a real "highlight" of the already interesting and exciting show about the life and love of beautiful young people.

Now the star is resting after a tiring and time-consuming participation in the "Dancing with the Stars" that played together with Evgeny papunaishvili. Periodically Alain also works as a photo model and is clothes at fashion shows.
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